Sunday, 24 July 2011

First and Last

Written by Nadia at 11:12 pm
Assalamualaikum :)

Last saturday, sekolah saya organized a trip for year 6 students to Tg. Piai. So me and few other teachers went along. Of coz atas arahanla..igt buley suke2 ati ke join trip dek non oii??

ive only one advice. Kalau ada mane2 sek yg berminat nak uat trip to Tg Piai..DON'T!!! Most of us, the teachers said this would be the first and the last ktorang jejak kaki kt tmpt ni. Tapi kalau dah terpaksa atas arahan..redha je la. The worst place ever! Pelik coz i saw many newpaper cuttings saying good things about the place being framed and hung at their lobby. Tapi indah khabar dr rupe...

Ape2 pun,we are blessed with a good photographer from our here are some of the nice shots. Of cozla kan yg ade muka saya je saya letak cni..takde muka saya nk buek apo? heee :D..Actually ade lagi gamba but then in different cameras so yg tu nantila saya update nxt time ek ?

Tgh tgk 'badak berendam'..heee :D

@ Taman Negara Tg Piai..i walked 2 km yo!

Kta bako je! bako je! heeee :D

Before leaving this horror place..sempat lagi amek gamba :D

Bubbye! I dun want to go here ever again!

Thank you for reading yo! ~__~

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