Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Busy busy week

Written by Nadia at 9:50 pm
Assalamualaikum :)

Lamakan saya x update?? Kta busy sgt wak :(...* buat muka sedey bajet ade org simpati

Ok lemme tell u. 1st, I had to attend a camp, called 1 Murid 1Sukan. Sila baca perkataan yg last tu. S.U.K.A.N.. So mmg sgt penat. Actually i was asked to go to replace the teacher that cant go and mcmla korang xknl i kan? If u guys read my blog, u shud have known that I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY NO. *masalahnye mmg korang x bace pun kan?? Yolah i m not Fatin Liyana or Cik Epal or sape2 lg blogger yg femes tu :( *sedey buat kali ke 2

That camp was for 3 days. Blk dr camp on Friday and Saturday ade sukan lak kt sekolah. Boley x imagine kepenatxn yg saya alami? X terimaginekan?hee. On that day saya mcm blur2 sampai x tolong ape2 yg patut. *sorry friends! :D

On Sunday lak was busy preparing for my son's bday. Not that I'm complaining tapi sbb dr awal mggu dh penat so endup kalau saya bgn from bed to switch on the tv pun dh memenatkan *Ceh! Boley terima ke excuse tu?

Much love ;)

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