Sunday, 30 October 2011

4th giveaway dilazfamily

Written by Nadia at 4:11 pm
Saya ditag lagiiiii..hehe. Napelakan i tu kena panjang? One is enuff dude! But this time ive been tagged to enter a contest yay!

My answer:

1) Dilla lahir pada 2 September 1983 (hhmm kira adik la ni..hee)
2) Berasal dari Johor (E'eh kita sekampung la u..)

Saya telah mentag (Apa punye bahasa daaa) :

1. Nisa
2. Aien

Oh yea. If u are interested, juz click on the banner ok? Gud luck to u guys and to me!! heee :D

Much love everyone ~__~

P/S : Ive changed the title post. My bad :p

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