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Assalamualaikum :)

"It takes a strong person to say I'm sorry but it takes an even stronger person to say I forgive you"...

Hmmm this quote has been bugging me these past few years and recently. Saya sgt2 setuju dgn quote ni. bukan mudah kita nak minta maaf. I know I'm not that person yg senang2 je buat salah pastu say 'i'm sorry'..unless of coz if we dun mean when we say I'm sorry.. Tapi lagi susah sebenarnye nak memaafkan oghang. I mean really2 maafkan, dgn hati yg ikhlas. Kalau takat ckp 'okla aku maafkan' or 'saya maafkan awak'...sume oghang ley buat. Tapi dgn hati yg ikhlas? Nak2 kalau kesalahan tu sebeso dunia. It would be difficult, trust me.

It took me few years nak maafkan what my ex did to me. Tapi saya dh pun maafkan dia, seikhlas hati saya. Forgive doesnt mean forget. So sampai bile2 saya tetap xkan lupe what he had done..

Now utk kesekian kalinye saya dgn ikhlas hati nak maafkan a friend who had betrayed my trust, used me for his own interest and jatuhkan maruah saya.. Tapi i will never forget what he did and penyesalan sbb kenal and  baek dgn dia tu akan ade dlm hati saya forever...

Ok bubbye ~__~

p/s : BM saya sgt puitis, dun ya think so?? heee :D

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