Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recipe : Chocolate Mousse

Written by Nadia at 5:21 am
Assalammualaikum :)

Haritu saya uat chocolate mousse. Super duper easy!! Tapi uat tak bykla. Dlm 3 bowls je. Seb baek uat tak byk. Igtkan oghang2 kt umah ni sukela. Tgk2 saya yg belasah sume! Seb baek dpt 3 bowls je. Imagine if 10 bowls? SCARY!!

Anyway, here is the recipe. Ni pun saya google je tp x igt lak site mane ~__~

1 cup of chocoalate chips
1 egg
1 cup of heavy cream (ape2 cream pun buley)
2 tsp of vanilla essense

1. blend chocolate chips, egg and vanilla essense together
2. heat the cream tapi jgn sampai boil. agak2 dh panas tutup api
3. pour the cream into the chocolate mixture. blend until smooth.
4. pour into few bowls and refrigerate for few hours.
5. before serving, sprinkle some chopped walnuts. Saya pakai almond je. 

* the recipe said use electrical mixer. saya malas nk kuarkan so i just used a whisk. agak lambat and i had to microwave the chocolate chips for 30 secs nk bg dia cepat melt. But it turned out as yummy as it supposed to be :D

Ok bubbye ~__~

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