Friday, 4 November 2011

Cikgu pun tau stress ok!

Written by Nadia at 12:10 am
Actually masa sy publish entry ni, sy tgh menahan migraine yg tgh meng'attack'. Dah lama xskt kepala camni :(

Final exams is finally over. My students sume dah merdeka. Now my turn lak nk suffer..hee. But then if u look at it, teachers are always stress. Before the exams,stress nk abeskan syllabus. During the exams,stress thinking whether or not the students can answer the questions. After the exams,stress marking the paper,stress reading all sort of unimaginable answers the students gave,etc. Oopps tercomplain lak. Teachers are not suppose to complain nanti dikata x ikhlas melaksanakan tugas (Note: Teachers are also human beings).

Cutekan? Cutekan? Rozi bought for my son. Saya sukeee sgt menda2 cute camni. Maybe thats why my mum said i never grow up..hee

Much love everyone ~__~

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